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What is Stress Labo?

Stress Labo study interdisciplinary studies of various phenomena in modern individuals and societies. Utilizing the knowledge gained through this, we will provide supportive counseling in a relaxed time while intellectually solving the mental problems and issues that clients have. Our Labo is a counseling office that helps clients to relax and become aware of their lives and restore their expectations and imagination. In addition, we also hold various workshops, training of industrial physicians and counselors, and educational support projects. The outline of the service is as follows.

1. Various counseling services

Stress Labo offers hands-on lectures on psychiatry, psychology, occupational health, and more. We can also provide counseling supervision and educational programs for industrial physicians and counselors.

2. Business related to research, education, and workshops

Stress Labo offers hands-on lectures on psychiatry, psychology, occupational health, and more. We can also provide counseling supervision and educational programs for industrial physicians and counselors.

3. Education support project

Stress Labo has ordered workshops on law, psychiatry, psychology, etc. It is also possible to prepare instructors from multiple specialized fields at the same time to develop more diverse discussions. It is also possible to visit companies directly and hold various lectures.

Stress Labo counseling

Stress Labo’s counseling is characterized by taking the time to organize information, examining them objectively and multilaterally, and gaining a positive outlook for mental catharsis and life. Its features are the following three points.

1. Intelligently unravel the essence of the problem

Many clients come to Stress Labo because they are aware of their own conflicts, anxiety, and depression, but those who can understand the cause and background of their painful feelings in detail and organize them in their minds are few. It is thought that the cause and background of the client’s painful feelings are complicatedly related to the client’s life history, client’s unique values, surrounding environment and human relationships surrounding the client, daily physical condition and the presence or absence of mental illness. Therefore, we will systematically organize the information and the therapist will work with the client to deepen the understanding of the essence of the problem.

2. Comfortably encourage emotional expression

Clients are aware of conflicts, anxiety, and depression, but there are many real intentions and feelings that they only notice when they express their emotions to others. In other words, there is a big difference between the emotions that you are usually aware of and the emotions that you notice after expressing your emotions. In stress Labo counseling, the therapist encourages the client to express their candid emotions in a warm atmosphere and sufficient psychological consideration, so that it makes it easier for clients to experience both the feelings they feel and the feelings they are not usually aware of at the same time. In addition, the therapist will try to imagine the client’s psychological state and respond appropriately, and will not stimulate the client’s feelings of guilt or remorse, and will take care to express emotions comfortably and with peace of mind.

3. Restore positive feelings and bright imagination

Some of the client’s past experiences have always been successful and overcoming failures. Also, there are people around the client who have similar problems and worries. If such past successful experiences and surrounding experiences can be applied to the client’s problems, the client’s adaptability and stress tolerance will increase, and the perspective on reality will expand. In addition, by utilizing the role-playing method and experiencing the client’s emotional expression and intention expression, the client’s imagination will further expand. Through such counseling, Stress Labo can help you increase your positive image of life, turn your pessimistic outlook into a brighter one, and overcome your painful feelings.

Price list

* All prices include tax
Counseling fee by a psychiatrist (same amount for both face-to-face and online)
30 minutes 11,000 yen
60 minutes 19,800 yen
90 minutes 30,800 yen
120 minutes 39,600 yen
Counseling fee for collaborative interviews by lawyers and psychiatrists (same amount for both face-to-face and online)
60 minutes 27,500 yen
90 minutes 41,250 yen
120 minutes 55,000 yen
psychology test
WAIS-III 45,000 yen (excluding costs related to feedback interviews)
WISC-IV 45,000 yen (excluding costs related to feedback interviews)
K-ABC 90,000 yen (excluding costs related to feedback interviews)
TEG II 1,100 yen (excluding costs related to feedback interviews)

* In addition to the above services, we also offer various services such as coaching, counseling training for medical professionals, coaching training for workplace managers, industrial physician contracts, and advisory doctor contracts.

Support for Japanese overseas

Online use from overseas is also available. We also accept cooperation with overseas medical institutions and companies, so please feel free to contact us. We are focusing on the mental health support of Japanese companies expanding overseas and Japanese corporations and organizations overseas. If you are working overseas or studying abroad and want mental support, you can easily receive services from specialists even if you are abroad, so please use Stress Labo’s online service.

Reservation method / Service flow

  1. From the Contact inquiry form, enter the outline of the consultation content, the desired interview date and time, and the interview time.
  2. We will coordinate the schedule with each expert and reply by email with the confirmed schedule.
  3. Payment (Cash, credit card, bank transfer, all are acceptable)
  4. Service provided online or by visiting us.

Access / Contact information

Room 503, Sano Building No. 503, 5-10-24 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
(1minute walk from Exit 3 of Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
E-mail: hiroo.stress.labo@gmail.com

About online support

Online interviews are also available at Stress Labo.
The benefits of an online interview are:

You can get counseling online with a little spare time, even in the early morning and evening hours.


Director: Dr.Koji Zaitsu

As a doctor, I’ve been looking for counseling for my clients at a clinic that I run as an administrator, but at the same time I’m feeling the limits as I work as a doctor. In clinic practice, one doctor concentrates on treating mental illness and performs medical treatment, but the structure may be limited.The reality is that many people come to the clinic with a wide variety of stresses that have little to do with mental illness. As I interacted with such clients, I began to feel that “if this office had specialists in other non-medical professions at the same time, it might help them understand their problems.” However, in reality, it is impossible to realize it in the medical framework, and in reality, the client has to seek out various specialists to solve the problem and consult individually. Also, for the client, it is very important for the client to understand the details of the consultation result with each expert and to understand the problem from a bird’s-eye view, but in reality it is very difficult. At Stress Labo, we emphasize simultaneous response by multiple occupations in order to eliminate the complexity of such processes and the difficulty of understanding problems.

Born in Oita prefecture. Graduated from Oita University School of Medicine in 2001 and trained at the Department of Psychiatry in Teikyo University Hospital. After working at a psychiatric hospital and a psychosomatic medicine clinic, he opened the Hiroo Stress Clinic in 2017. At the same time as working at the clinic, he also worked for about 30 companies as a part-time industrial physician.Since 2018, he has been a part-time lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters, Teikyo University and the graduate school of the university (in charge of Psychology for the Elderly, Industrial / Organizational Psychology). He also serves as a part-time doctor at a special nursing home for the elderly in Tokyo and a special part-time employee in Tokyo (in charge of medical examinations for criminal cases of mentally handicapped people). Aiming for flexible healthcare services that transcend the boundaries of medical care while providing medical care at the clinic, he stablished frio Co., Ltd. in 2017. August 2019 Opened “Stress Labo Hiroo” in frio Hiroo office. In March 2020, he was appointed as a part-time doctor at the Inheritance Measures and Lifelong Support Counseling Center.

Assistant Director: Dr.Shogo Okinaga

The changes in modern society have been remarkable, and the workplace has changed significantly, especially due to the spread of the new corona infection. The expansion of remote work, the improvement of the work environment with an awareness of infection control, and the business transformation with an awareness of the new era of corona have been greatly promoted in all industries, and the working environment and direction have changed. In addition, the mindset of working people has changed from the Showa era (1926–1989) to the Reiwa era (2001–) through the Heisei era (1989–2001), and the gap between generations has become a problem, and the number of people who are worried about communication between their subordinates and their bosses has increased rapidly in recent years. In particular, prevention of occupational accidents related to harassment and mental health has become an urgent issue for companies. At Stress Labo, we would like to develop healthcare services that are ahead of the times and expand them widely to society while facing such changes in the times.

After graduating from Keio Kindergarten, Keio Junior High School, and Keio Senior High School, he entered the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University. At university, he was enrolled in the Masaru Ikei seminar and majored in the political history of the Showa era. During college, he traveled wandering in 30 countries around the world. After graduating from university, joined the Industrial Bank of Japan in 1997. After that, while in charge of sales and accounting at the bank, he worked hard on debt consolidation of financial institutions and private companies. After that, aiming to become a doctor, proceed to Teikyo University School of Medicine. After graduating from university, worked at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Kameda General Hospital, National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Mishuku Hospital, Hiroo Stress Clinic, etc. Engaged in clinical practice in ophthalmology, internal medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, and psychosomatic medicine. Since April 2020, he has been the exclusive industrial physician of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee. January 2021 Established Mirai Labo, an occupational medicine corporation. Currently, he is active in a wide range of fields with the aim of popularizing health management and expanding the activities of advisors, focusing on industrial physicians, dermatology clinics, and counseling.

Legal counselor: Saori Ikarashi (lawyer)

The method of dispute resolution by lawyers is not limited to proceedings. Also, proceedings are just one method of dispute resolution. In fact, many civil disputes have been settled through negotiations between the parties without proceeding to proceedings. Even if it develops into a proceeding, more than half of the cases are closed by discussions between the parties such as settlement and withdrawal of the proceedings.
Nevertheless, it is common sense that asking a lawyer is equivalent to a proceeding, so many people ask a lawyer to resolve a dispute as a last resort. However, if the relationship between the parties becomes irreparably worse, the likelihood of a dialogue solution is low. Therefore, when a legal problem arises, it is important for the client to consider how to deal with it as soon as possible in order to solve the problem.
In addition, dispute resolution by litigation is centered on monetary relief, and dispute resolution within the framework of the law does not necessarily directly lead to the resolution of the problem desired by the parties. I believe it is important to listen to the client, understand the essence of the problem, and support them in making convincing choices in order to resolve the problem. In the Stress Labo collaboration interview, it is possible to go beyond the boundaries of the law and consider problem-solving across areas, so we hope that you will make use of it. We will do our best to support problem solving by utilizing our specialized knowledge.

Completed the Law School of Chuo University in 2011 and registered as a lawyer in 2013. Belongs to the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association. At university, she was enrolled in the corporate law seminar of Professor Shuya Nomura, and at graduate school, she was interested in the medical field and wrote research papers. (“Doctor’s accountability and discretionary judgment” (2010)) After registering as a lawyer, she worked at a law firm specializing in employer labor issues. After that, she was transferred to Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. as a management consultant because she wanted to support the decision-making of management beyond the framework of the law. After that, she started working as an in-house lawyer for freee K.K. in 2018, and contributed to the listing of the company on the TSE Mothers.
From April 2021, she was appointed as an outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of THECOO Inc. (listed on TSE Mothers in December 2021), and opened Hiroo Arisugawa Law Office. She also undertake a large number of legal counseling services, supervision of websites, and guidance for creating appraisals and opinions to psychiatrists. Recently, she realized the need for listening and mental care for clients with legal problems, completed the counseling training (50 hours in total) at Stress Labo Hiroo, and acquired the JADP certified mental psychology counselor qualification in 2022. She is focusing on supportive legal counseling that emphasizes listening.